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Explore the Lowlands...

Looking for the real Holland? Unique places, routes & excursions away from the crowds, the best boutique hotels and friendly local guides? Beat the Dutch Travel is your B2B partner for tailormade package holidays in the Netherlands. We would love to host your clients’ holidays in the lowlands!

The country of cheese and tulips, Rembrandt and Van Gogh, windmills and stunning old cities. Besides all the highlights in and around Amsterdam, there is a lot more to explore. We will show you the best places to experience the real Holland: beautiful beaches, dune landscapes, blooming heather fields, the southern hills and the islands along the Wadden Sea. Modern architecture, the Delta Works, amazing small towns you have never heard of, fishing villages and small museums. Explore these places by bicycle, on foot or by boat. The possibilities are endless.

According to your wishes, interests and budget, we customize your clients’ trips exactly as desired. We specialize in self-guided tours with high quality accommodations, great local guides, and unique excursions & activities.

Customized Holidays

Based on your special wishes and interests, we will customize your holiday exactly the way you like it...

Unique Places

Small backroads, lesser-known museums, stunning towns & villages you have never heard of. We will bring you there...

Boutique Hotels

Charming, stylish and comfortable accommodations, well situated, and with amazing food...

Away from the crowds

Hidden gems and secret spots where you will find yourself alone, far away from the mass crowds...

About us

Beat the Dutch Travel, a local Dutch travel company, is founded by two young travel veterans: Mieke Arendsen and Bas Naus. We specialize in organizing trips for B2B partners from all over the world.

Why travel with us? We are an energetic and dynamic travel company that is always striving for amazing experiences, looking for new places, ensuring great quality in everything we do, always keeping your wishes and needs in mind. Whether you would like to focus on culture, travel on a bike, indulge in luxury, or relax with your family, we will surprise you with exciting itineraries.

Mieke lives in Nijmegen, the oldest city of the Netherlands, and has been working in the travel industry for nearly 20 years. She loves exploring the country on a bike, on foot or even in a canoe; she regularly goes camping in the Dutch forests with her family. 

Bas also lives in Nijmegen, with his family. He has over 15 years of experience in tourism and is still extremely passionate about designing new routes. He loves riding his bike anywhere in Holland.

Holland, The Netherlands, the Lowlands, the Dutch: this country and its people – so small yet so diverse – goes by many names. Don’t worry if it sounds confusing, we will simplify it for you and your clients.

‘Beat the Dutch’ is an old expression, meaning ’to surpass expectation, imagination or belief’. We look forward to organizing trips for your clients that truly beat the Dutch!

Feel free to contact us for your clients’ travel adventures in the lowlands.